How to Use Your Cryptocurrency to Buy a Home 2021 | Bitcoin 4 House

In this video we are going to answer the question Can I Buy a House with Cryptocurrency? is an Easy method to Use your Cypto to Buy your Dream Home. Swap Bitcoin 4 House, and don’t lose your stake in your crypto assets. A Crypto Backed Mortgage from Nexo is going to become increasingly popular. I am going to show you step by step how to use your Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto assets to secure your Cryptocurrency mortgage. The fees are low and you will avoid paying capital gains taxes normally associated with cashing out your crypto. Let’s use the Nexo app to Borrow Crypto.

You’re gonna love this method for 2 reasons.
1, This is really simple to do and the fees associated are really low. So anytime you can incorporate Easy and Low Fees into the home buying process, you’re already winning.
Secondly, and actually the best part about this is, you can leverage the value of your crypto assets to secure capital without having to give up stake in your current cryptocurrency holdings.

So, Unless, you’ve found a seller that will accept a direct transfer of Bitcoin or Ether, what I’m going to show you is your best option to buy a home using your crypto in 2021.

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